Google Street View puts you atop world’s tallest building

You can now “stand” on top of the world’s tallest building without having to face the dizzying heights in person.

In its first-ever collection in the Arab world, Google’s Street View took its cameras to the top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, dubbed the world’s tallest manmade structure at 2,717 feet. The images show off the view from the observation deck on the 124th floor and offer a peek from the building’s maintenance unit on the 73rd floor.

The tallest occupied floor in the world rests on the 163rd floor, while the highest swimming pool in the world spashes around on the 76th floor.

The 360-degree panoramic photos were captured over three days using the Street View Trekker, a backpack equipped with its own camera system. The Street View Trolley also lent a hand to snap photos in narrow and crowded spaces.

The new images mark the first time the Street View team has collected images of a skyscraper, Google said in a blog post published Monday.

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Oracle buyers also obtain the profit to run their Oracle computer

Microsoft and Oracle today introduced that they are placing their variations apart to strike a strategic partnership during the cloud company place. The deal covers equally the personal cloud and also the general public cloud, encompassing numerous new options.

First of all, Oracle will certify and assist shoppers who already operate its program on Windows Server to run that same application on Home windows Server Hyper-V or in Home windows Azure. Oracle buyers also obtain the profit to run their Oracle computer software licenses in Windows Azure “with new license mobility.”

Hyper-V and Azure assistance starts off quickly, but the partnership does not conclusion there. Microsoft and Oracle have agreed to work collectively to “add adequately licensed, and completely supported Java into Home windows Azure.”

Microsoft may even incorporate Infrastructure Expert services cases with preconfigured variations of Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic Server for patrons who do not need Oracle licenses even though Oracle will empower customers to obtain and launch Oracle Linux photos on Windows Azure. Information as to when particularly this integration are going to be available weren’t shared.

For the duration of a conference connect with currently, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer talked of the “tipping point” with regard to the partnership. “A whole lot has occurred and we’re about to continue to contend in areas,” he said. “I imagine each organizations have usually, a minimum of a lot of many years, have had respect for one one more.”

Oracle President Mark Hurd agreed: “I imagine it just makes sense for us to carry on to improve our have capabilities and also let shoppers to leverage equally of our abilities alongside one another,” he stated within the exact simply call. “I assume this will make a lot of sense for both of those of us…because it can make a great deal of perception for our buyers.”

Oracle very first hinted at today’s news for the duration of an earnings call on Friday. The business business mentioned it had plans to announce new technological know-how partnerships with not only Microsoft, but Salesforce and Netsuite in addition.

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Facebook server outage makes everyone freak out

Users logging on for a social network break a bit after 11am AEST freaked out when they faced an error message instead of selfies and invitations to play Candy Crush.

The site was down for about five minutes for some users, up to 10 minutes for others.

Messages posted online, apparently linked to hacking grouip Anonymous, have claimed responsibility for attacking the site, but this has not been verified.

If the outage was orchestrated by Anonymous, it’s possible it was an attack over Facebook’s involvement in the US National Security Administration data-mining scandal.

The social network revealed last week it had received between 9000 and 10,000 user-data requests from US government entities.

BuzzFeed recently put together a summary of the internet in 60 seconds, estimating that more than 208,000 photos were uploaded to Facebook and more than 1,875,000 posts were liked.

Meaning that in the past five minutes 1,041,500 photos have gone un-uploaded, and 9,375,000 posts went unliked.

Desperate Facebookers turned to Twitter to find out if the outage was affecting anyone else.

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Windows 8.1 users that should boost some from

Microsoft is tweaking numerous its built-in apps for Windows, however the Tunes app seems to incorporate the most variations. A freshly redesigned duplicate of the Windows Store in leaked builds of Home windows has exposed the new user interface for Xbox Songs. Microsoft earlier exposed to the Verge the focus along with the new Songs app is on taking part in tracks above surfacing new articles, noting you can now participate in audio in two clicks in lieu of six.

Screenshots of your new Xbox Songs update present a two panel interface that seems to boost discoverability of audio as well as the capability to immediately obtain a group of songs. Xbox New music at first launched in Oct for Home windows 8 and Windows RT units, using the power to obtain tracks from an Xbox 360 way too. Even though the provider involves most popular songs and albums, the interface has frequently been sluggish and clunky on Windows 8 and Home windows RT units. The up to date app obviously aims to further improve that, with a “simplified design and style and layout” according to Microsoft. You will find also a persistent in-app research box with improved search results, assist for songs files on SD playing cards, and Play To help for tracks exterior with the Xbox Songs catalogue.

Microsoft can be introducing a number of new built-in applications, which include Calculator, Audio Recorder, Scan, Looking through Listing, Motion picture Moments, and Aid & Tips. Motion picture Moments allows you to edit videos from a touch-friendly interface, and Examining Record acts as a super clipboard to keep URLs and other snippets from applications. The Audio Recorder, Calculator, and Scan apps are all simplified touch-friendly versions to replace the legacy desktop variants. Help & Tips will include numerous tutorials for new Windows 8.1 users that should boost some from the associated confusion with all the new interface.

windows 7 home premium upgrade family pack 3-user

Alongside the Xbox Audio redesign and additional apps, the new Windows Shop interface has also been spotted in Windows eight.1 builds. Microsoft appears to be altering the style of its Retailer, alongside improvements into the top paid and top free sections, new releases, and a “picks for you” section that suggests applications based on an existing library. Similar apps are also suggested within application pages, that has a general target on application discoverability. The brand new Home windows Store also works well in portrait mode, designed for upcoming 7- and 8-inch tablets. All the improvements will be made available in Home windows, an update that Microsoft will release as a preview version on June 26th alongside its Build developer conference.

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Apple expected to unveil new iPhone, iPad software

  Look for that iPhone and iPad of yours to become even more stylish later this year.

  On Monday at its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, Apple will preview a new version of the iOS software used in the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It will also likely show off upgrades to the OS X software that runs its Mac computers.

  The iOS overhaul has come under the watchful eye of famed Apple designer Jony Ive. Tech analysts expect the new software to launch in the fall, when Apple now typically releases a new iPhone.

  Late last year, the company shook up its management ranks to give Ive more responsibility for software. Scott Forstall, who had been in charge of mobile software development, stepped down.

  ”This is now Jon Ive’s show,” says Gartner analyst Van Baker. “For the first time, we’ll get to see what kind of impact he’ll have on software.”

  Apple’s status as tech’s coolest company has come under pressure from hot new products from Samsung and Google. Its stock has tumbled this year from a September peak of $705.07 a share. It closed at $438.46 on Thursday, down $6.65.

  The rap on IOS is that it’s gotten “old and stale,” says Baker. “That’s what the industry thinks. So look for a much sleeker, more refined look.”

  How big a deal is a phone interface? Huge, says Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster.

  ”Most people check their phone at least once every 10 minutes,” he says. ” When you spend so much time with something like that, how the interface looks and acts is major.”

  What you won’t see in the new iOS are more examples of “‘skeuomorphism,” which makes something electronic look like its analog counterpart (a digital calendar, say, that looks like a paper one), says Baker. “Jony is not a big fan of that, and Scott (Forstall) was.”

  Also at WWDC, Apple could preview a music service that would offer streaming music within iTunes and take on Pandora, Spotify and the new Google Music. Apple is several years late to that party — it’s been offering music downloads since 2001.

  What’s been dubbed “iRadio” in media reports is “a big deal.” says Forrester Research analyst Charles Golvin. “Many consumers have already shifted away from downloads to streaming, and Apple risks losing more ground.” But Apple’s huge customer base for iTunes — 500 million — means many consumers could give it a chance.

  Apple has been hammered by investors this year for seemingly failing to innovate — it’s been three years since the company’s last groundbreaking product innovation, the iPad.

  Munster says WWDC 2013 won’t change that: Investors need physical products to be wowed, not software.

  He expects to see introduction of a new iPhone this fall, and he believes a TV and wearable watch will come from the company in early 2014.

  ”The real innovation is fall and January, when the real fireworks begin,” he says

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A person handles a still left swipe application change

It has been over a year because I first set up a make of Windows 8 with a take a look at equipment. Considering that then, I’ve run it over a wide selection of hardware, including slate-format tablets, hybrid touch/pen/keyboard pill PCs, classic laptops and multi-monitor desktop PCs ¨C hardware that mixes the previous (with Vista and XP-era equipment) plus the new (a not long ago upgraded Core i5 desktop method). It has been on Intel processors, on AMD, on actual physical, on digital: on quite considerably every single equipment I could discover while in the place of work.

Tests and benchmarking is all pretty well, however, you only really reach know an OS by living with it, making use of it every day to carry out day to day jobs on your each day Computer. For me, which means the good old-fashioned desktop Laptop.

Almost all of my time is spent before a multi-monitor desktop machine, precisely the configuration that a lot of folks have concerned about in responses to various Windows 8 posts. Even though desktop end users may well soon be while in the minority, there are actually however plenty of us all around. I rely on equipment like Office and Adobe Lightroom and they depend over the desktop ¨C and that?ˉs not likely to vary right until the resources improve. So for my desktop Pc, there?ˉs hardly any change between seven and 8 during the way I function.

One thing I?ˉve noticed while in the months since Windows eight attained RTM, its evolution hasn?ˉt finished ¨C and it?ˉs even now convalescing. After i upgraded my desktop from Windows 7 to 8 just just after RTM it had been to all extents and reasons simply a slightly a lot quicker Home windows seven equipment that has a new UI. But while using the modern 160MB post-RTM update, and together with the arrival of some new machine motorists and a pair of recent pieces of hardware, it?ˉs turning into a thing fairly diverse.

The a single huge adjust, needless to say, may be the Start out Display. As adjustments go, it?ˉs an enormous one, but it?ˉs not the showstopper that some have designed it out to generally be. I?ˉve ended up managing it being a complete display variation on the aged Commence menu, and use it in significantly the exact same way. Just like the commence menu, the beginning Display screen winds up packed with apps I?ˉve put in, and i often tidy it up. There was slightly function in finding it the best way I preferred to start out with, but again, beginning having a fresh put in of Home windows XP or 7 I?ˉd be undertaking considerably exactly the same detail ¨C grouping purposes and getting rid of references to functions or tools I don?ˉt plan to use.

Launching apps is not hard ample. Tap the Windows key and begin typing, after the word wheel filter displays your app, just select and click on ¨C or strike return. You?ˉre right away back again over the desktop as well as in the appliance you would like to use. That?ˉs all there is to it, and when you made use of Vista or 7?ˉs research box as your key technique of navigation you?ˉll locate the Start off Display screen a little additional effective as you don?ˉt really need to simply click within the search box to start discovering applications or documents.

windows 7 professional retail version

The arrival of a new Microsoft Sculpt Ease and comfort keyboard manufactured some operations even easier. Although Windows 8?ˉs Charms are merely a mouse gesture away, obtaining them on the keyboard is much less complicated. Four separate Appeal keys indicate you can find to go looking, Share, Devices and Settings without having to go your fingers away from your keyboard. If you?ˉre using a Windows eight Store-style app, the keyboard also comes along with 4 keys that replicate the most crucial Windows eight touch gestures. A person handles a still left swipe application change, when one more toggles the Snap check out to the managing software. One other two launch the start Monitor endeavor switcher and open the app bar.

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Twitter says error in ‘routine change’ caused brief outage

Twitter was back in working order on Monday afternoon after experiencing multiple technical issues earlier in the day that caused some users’ tweet streams to not update, among other problems.

Due to “an error in a routine change,” the site was not available from 1:08 p.m. 1:33 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time on Monday, the company confirmed in a post on its status blog. Other delays in the delivery of tweets may have occurred for another twenty minutes following that, the company said.

“We rolled back the erroneous change as soon as we identified the issue,” the company said. Since then, “the issue has been resolved,” Twitter said.

Twitter had no additional information to offer, such as the number of users affected, beyond the blog post.

In addition to problems with the main feed, the “connect” and “discover” tabs also were not functioning properly for some users, both on the desktop and some mobile versions of Twitter. For example, on iOS, users’ most recent mentions may not have been displayed. At one point the search function on Twitter was also down for some users.

Service outages and technical difficulties on Twitter are not uncommon. Since January alone, the site has publicly confirmed the occurrence of more than 10 site issues, with some being larger than others. But Monday’s issues highlight the mistakes large Internet companies can make while updating their software live.

Microsoft’s webmail services suffered a two-day outage in March following a firmware update in one of its data centers.

Twitter’s content is also becoming more complex. In April, the company expanded its Cards program to give developers more options for how they embed content into tweets. The changes support three new types of mobile content in expanded tweets: mobile apps, photo galleries and product listings.

Last month, Twitter bought data analytics company Lucky Sort, in a move apparently aimed at giving Twitter better information about users’ tweets.

Twitter has more than 200 million monthly active users, with more than 400 million tweets sent per day, according to the company.

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